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Project management is an important part of any business model that influences employee productivity and resource handling. It eventually determines a project’s success. It is a complex and time-consuming process that is worth investing in. Failure to do so can result in wasted resources and ultimately, a company’s downfall.

In the United States alone, $1 billion was wasted in 2016 because of poor project performance and lack of proper management. Meanwhile, the organizations that develop their management systems become 2.5 times more successful than those that don’t. Why? This is because good management can create a workforce that accomplishes more for less energy and resources.

It also serves as a competitive edge in this modern age which demands a more dynamic and fast-paced workflow. Traditional methods such as Excel spreadsheets, sticky notes, and outdated whiteboards are no longer enough to remain on top of your projects. You need a visual management board.

What is a visual management board?

It is a cost-effective software that helps you track employee progress, manage teams, distribute information, and reduce wasted resources. Depending on the user demand or preference, visual management boards may appear as to-do lists or in graph forms.

How can visual management board improve project management?

It simplifies the complex

Visual management boards allow you to assign tasks to each team member, distribute documents, schedule deadlines, and more. It eliminates small time-consuming tasks such as creating multiple spreadsheets for individual assignments.

Having visuals also help because, with just a glance, you can immediately point priority tasks and figure out the person for the job.

Meetings become less frequent and more efficient

More than 15% of an organization’s collective time is spent in meetings. However, the majority of executives believe they are unsuccessful because it takes employees off their desks which makes them unproductive. Employees are also likely to multitask and become disengaged during large gatherings, which render such meetings unsuccessful.

A visual management board reduces the need for it by allowing managers to delegate tasks without having to set up a physical meeting. Employees can then have more time to focus on their actual work.

Documents can easily be accessed and updated

You won’t have to keep repeating yourself to convey the same information to an entire team. A visual board does it for you. Just upload a document and anyone with access to the platform can get it. You may even edit the information in real time and send alerts to your team members.

Tracking progress becomes easier

Visual management software has a variety of features which make tracking project progress much easier. It can sync calendars to alert everyone about meetings and deadlines, send email reminders, indicate the percentage of project completion, and even display multiple projects simultaneously.

This helps you prioritize tasks and figure out which areas need improvement. Unlike traditional management tools such as whiteboards and spreadsheets, everyone can access visual boards to see how much work is completed and how much is left to be done.

It encourages team collaboration

By having a visual management board visible to the entire team, each member is made aware not only of the tasks assigned to them but also of those given to others. This encourages transparency, accountability, and collaboration among the team members.

If they have any inquiry or concern, they can look at the board and immediately identify the right person to talk to. They won’t have to waste time blindly asking around and hoping the first person they see has the answers.

It keeps members productive and motivated

Implementing visual management boards help keep members productive and motivated. It informs them of their tasks once a project is created so they can come to the office and immediately start working. There is no need to wait for project heads to call a meeting.

As each member can see the progress of the projects, accomplished tasks may boost team morale. It may even create friendly competition, which could drive them to work harder and complete projects faster.

It works for all types and sizes of teams

Whether you have a traditional or online business model, a big or small team, a visual management board is an efficient and convenient method to manage employees. It is user-friendly, cost-effective, and accessible through different media (desktops, laptops, tablets, or smartphones). Everyone can be on the same page whenever and wherever they are.


Having visual management boards can make it easier for everyone involved. Businesses can save up on resources. Project heads can track the team’s and each member’s progress better. Individuals can be better informed and more efficient in their tasks. There are just so many benefits compared to traditional management methods.

Visual management boards are easy to manage and you can start implementing one with your team now! For a user-friendly visual management board that helps you achieve a better workflow, visit and try it out for free!