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The general definition of communication is the exchange or distribution of information from one person to another. It is easy to grasp the entire concept of what communication is and how to do it. However, the real challenge lies in the execution of the communication and how effective it can be for a certain project, no matter what field it is in.

A lack of communication is a major red flag in all companies, businesses, and organizations. Communication is not just the casual conversations employees engage in; it is also an essential instrument to ensure company growth and project success.

A lack of or poor communication leads to misunderstanding in the workflow, weak return on investment (ROI), and even loss of revenue.   In short, the level of communication can spell either the success or failure of a particular project. According to the Project Management Institute, the lack of communication leads to project failures over 30 percent of the time.

The following explains why a lack of communication results in the failure of work projects.

Lack of teamwork

 Hiring the best people for the job is only the first step. Work efficiency is all about collaborative minds pooling ideas and concepts together to resolve issues as they surface. A lack of communication will automatically lead to inadequate teamwork. People need not only to talk but also to immerse themselves in what their colleagues have to say and share.

Poor employee work distribution

While you have a team, the question is how you will deploy them for the mission. For a project to be successful, all the employees must be on the same page. This means that work distribution should be seamless, with each employee fully aware of their responsibilities. When it comes to communication, good and bad information are both good. Everyone should be able to notify the stakeholders doing the job and those in need of improvement.

That will not be the case if employees fail or refuse to communicate their insights with one another. With all the data gathered and all the analytics interpreted, every piece of information should be presented to strategically segregate work processes.

Turmoil in the office

A lack of communication does not only result in a lack of teamwork; it also leads to stress and misunderstanding among employees. Work stress is normal, especially when most of us have deadlines we need to meet and projects we need to accomplish.  For a workplace to be influenced by evident stress is a whole new issue. A lack of communication means that employees would rather keep things — both the good and bad thoughts — to themselves instead of sharing them with others.

There are many factors that can affect this. Sometimes, rapport among employees is minimal while there are times when work distribution is astray. No matter what the reason behind the stress in the office is, it can be resolved with effective communication.

Unhappy customers

Communication problems have a domino effect.  A lack of communication leads to a lack of teamwork. Inadequate work dissemination results in high-stress levels. With stressed employees, customer support or service might become unsatisfactory.

Slow productivity

Productivity or progress is vital for work or business projects. Everything does not have to go smoothly, but that is alright because they can be taken care of as long as there’s proper communication. When it comes to a project, employees need to see consistency, scalability, and visibility. Everyone has a role to play to make sure that the project runs through the right course.  This is difficult and sometimes impossible in the absence of good communication.

Good communication goes a long way

Whether it is a lack of communication or poor communication, it is still defined as bad communication. A project can make use of countless research, statistics, and methodologies but without proper communication, most things will fall apart.

Communicating well matters. Good communicators are able to present specific information that can be beneficial for the entire project, even if it is good or bad. Good communication is also about asking questions and making clarifications to make sure everyone is not only on the right page but on the right track, moving towards a similar goal.

An environment with a progressive communication platform allows people to feel comfortable and competitive at the same time because the facts they need to know are communicated well.

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